The Definitive NFT Mint Checklist

Neil Sisson
3 min readMar 3


I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours researching, observing, advising & executing web3 marketing campaigns.

Here is a checklist of the things you need to successfully launch your NFT project

1st a caveat: there are MANY different types of NFT from 1/1 art through to utility containers.

Each has its own marketing requirements but the checklist below will apply to all with only minor tweaks for flavor.

The checklist:

1An active & engaged community of NFT buyers at least 3–4x the size of your mint.

Got a 10k NFT collection and 800 people in your Discord? Your NGMI

This is by far the most common mistake I’ve seen projects make.

2Clear and concise explanation of the value proposition of buying your NFTs.

What is the utility a buyer will receive, and why they should give a shit. It’s noisy out there.

Top tip: failed NFT project roadmaps are so common, they’re cliche at this point.

Instead, create a movement. A mission that resonates is more powerful than a roadmap.

3 Momentum plan
& KPIs

The Universe rewards momentum. But everything is going to take longer than you would like, especially your community growth, if you’re starting from scratch.

Have a plan with milestones and KPIs to track progress.

4 Tokenomics

99% of people buy NFTs as an “investment” speculating on price-go-up.

Yes, Wen Moon is not just for ERC20 tokens!

How can you assure buyers that the NFT they’re going to buy is going to increase in value in the future?

“Ah but Neil, our token is a utility token, with [insert anything here]”

Sorry but no! That’s cost of entry, not what will win you the race.

Figure out a narrative you can talk about publicly, that ensures you’re stacking the deck in favour of your community of holders.

5 Diamond
Hands Plan

What have you implemented into your NFT collection to incentivize holders to long term hold your NFT?

DeGodsNFT tried a Paperhands Tax of 33.3% for anyone who sold below floor. They ultimately scraped it but it was extremely innovative and got them a lot of momentum.

6 Community Value Booster

Not a very catchy name and not something that needs to be an extensive document but this is something you need to have an answer for.

How will you increase the value to the holder of holding your NFT over time?

If you are doing a pfp collection this is even more true. NFT collections like @BoredApeYC understand (and execute Giga Chad style on) the power of community and continually reward those already in the community.

Community here literally = success.

Rather than just running ponzi cash grabs and constantly going wider and wider, they go deep.

Be a Chad. Go deeper!

7 Collab Partners

Building a community from scratch is hard.

Collabs are a solid shortcut. Months in advance of your mint compile a list of projects in your ecosystem that might be willing to do a collab with you.

Follow them. Build rapport before you ask for a collab and when you do try and find a way for it to be worth their while.

8 Mint Promo

After building a community this is probably the most important point.

Don’t fly by the seat of your pants there’s too much to do.

WAAYY in advance (2–3 months out) have a v1 plan of exactly how you are going to promote your mint finalized.

How will you generate hype and excitement & engagement? Clever contests, unique viral giveaways etc.

What custom development are you going to do?
What tweets will you send out?
What images will you need?
How will you use video to build anticipation?
What other hype builders can you deploy?

Do you have any friends/family/people you met at a conference or networking event that you can ask to promote?

How are you going to activate your existing community for growth?

What Twitter spaces & Podcasts could you guest on?

All of these tactics have value depending on your team’s capabilities, mental bandwidth and how good your marketing strategy is.

If you’re stuck and need some backup I have a team that can likely help, and would love to chat with you about your project.

Feel free to reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn



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